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Mission Statement: We pray for and give to missions, learn and teach about missions, do missions, develop spiritually toward a missional lifestyle, and support the mission work of our church and denomination.

Please read the following information to learn what we do and how we do it to serve Him. Included are our mission opportunities, meetings, projects, contact people for different projects and responsibilities, and a full description of what WMU is can be found in the blog entitled “What is

WMU, you say?”

Enjoy, be blessed, and join us in a missional lifestyle!!!

Monthly Meetings:
  • August 16, 1:30
  • September 20, 1:30
  • October 18, 1:30
  • December 6, at 6:00, covered dish Christmas meeting in the CLC
September: Golden Offering for Tennessee Missionaries- September 4- 16 ( Promotion )
December: Lottie Moon Christmas Offering- December 2- 16 ( Ornaments and promotion )
"Missions Mosaic" Magazines available
Special Projects:
  • Mission Time: AWANAS (HR) the first Wednesday, KidzLife (GW) the second Wednesday
  • Gibsontown: Donations made at monthly meetings
  • Baptist Collegiate Ministries at ETSU: Coffee/Pop Tart Cart- ongoing/ Fall Lunch: Monday, October 8/ Special Tuesday night meal with youth serving, TBA/ Spring meal: TBA
  • Trunk at Trunk or Treat at Glenwood- October 31
  • Trunk at Trunk or Treat at Hill Road- October 31
  • School supplies purchased for ISES in August
  • Samaritan's Purse Shoebox Ministry: Kickoff in August and ongoing until collection
  • Trip to Boone for Shoebox packing: TBA

Officers/ Responsibilities

Director:   Martha Rhoton ( )

·       Meetings: Schedule, church bulletin info, dates on webpage

·       Mission Study: Foreign, Home, State

·       AWANA/TeamKID Programs:

·       Church Calendar

·       Special Missions Offerings: Golden/LMCO/AAEO

·       Order Subscriptions

·       Order  Special Mission Supplies: Golden/LMCO/AAEO

·       Finances

·       Website Team Leader

·       Review/Help construct/ Etc. Memos for bulletin from other teams ( if needed )

·       Direct Special projects

·       Youth Liaison

·       Gibsontown Liaison

·       Update of WMU Projects/Activities

Secretary/ Treasurer:   Kathy Tilley

·       Take minutes at each meeting

·       Prepare and e-mail minutes after each meeting

·       Keep money collected and records of transactions

·       Take up money each meeting

·       Pay designated item

Program Support: Rita Strauser

·       Programs for each meeting

·       Special missionary speaker

Prayer Support: Doris Pressley

·       Pray for missionaries having birthdays meeting day

Activities/ Projects Leaders:

Carolyn Cook:

·       ETSU  Baptist Collegiate Ministries- Fall meal

·       Lottie Moon Handouts

·       Co-director with Rita for Missionary Birthday Party ( Spring )

·       WMU Directory

·       WMU Notebooks

Rita Strauser:

·       Cards/ Goody Bags for members on Mission Trips

·       Co-director with Carolyn for Missionary Birthday Party ( Spring )

·       WMU T-Shirts

·       Assistant Mission Time Programs- Cubbies

·       Assistant International Mission Study

Kathy Tilley:

·       Mission Support Crafts: Sewing kits, etc.

·       School Supplies

·       Boone Shoebox Packing

·       Tent for Fall Festival at Glenwood

·       Trunk or Treat Fall Festival at Hill Road

Susan Cox:

·       Foam paper dolls for mission trips

·       Foam paper dolls for hospitals

·       Cards for WMU & Staff Birthdays ,etc.

Ann Fentress:

·       Scripture wallets

Debbie Fink:

·       Shoebox Ministry

·       BCM Coffee Cart, Spring Meal, and Night Meal (?)

Monday, August 17, 2015

What IS WMU, you say?

It was 1888. A group of ladies decided that not only did they want to pray for missionaries, but they wanted to help them with their physical needs!! May in Richmond, Virginia, is beautiful, and these ladies were ready to get things going! They were very Baptist about this and organized a committee- the Executive Committee of the Woman's Mission Societies, Auxilary to Southern Baptist Convention. They knew how to do it right! They adopted a constitution, elected officers, chose Baltimore, Maryland, as the headquarters, and got Annie Armstrong as their first treasurer. You have to keep those financial records straight, you know. Annie was on fire! Not only did she write many, many letters to get support to send to home missionaries, she collected clothes in barrels and sent them to American Indian children. Boots on the ground. With the Lord's many blessings and direction, we've come a long way, baby!! Headquarters are now in Birmingham, Alabama, and WMU is the largest Protestant missions organization for women in the world. Yes, I said the WORLD. There are over 1,000,000 of us!! What do we do? I'm glad you asked. Here is what Indian Springs Baptist Church WMU does..........
WMU Purpose:
  • To learn about missions
  • To pray for and give to missions
  • To develop spiritually toward a missions lifestyle
  • To do missions
  • To support the mission work of our church and denomination

When do we meet, you ask?
  • Hill Road WMU meets the third Thursday in each month.
  • Glenwood Women on Missions meets the first Tuesday in each month.
(Check bulletin or ISBC calendar for times and locations. Come join us! )

What projects do we do? (You are asking all the right questions.)

Want to know MORE? (You're GOOOOOOD.)
Contact Indian Springs Baptist Church WMU at
Go ye therefore, and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost; Teaching them to observe all things whatsoever I have commanded you; and, lo, I am with you always, even unto the end of the world. Amen.
Matthew 28: 29-30

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